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Welcome to Our Private Music School of Jitka Stastna!

For the tourists or for the regular clients!

We offer music lessons for tourists, the singing or the playing the piano or for regular clients. Treat yourself for the entertainment of one or more hours of music instruction on keyboards, on piano or singing at our School. Our school is all year open to all, not only for the talented, gifted or skillful. Treat yourself to freshen up in each other musical memories or try to finally start and get to know the interestin approach of the Czech muzician. You don´t have any sheet music, all of us have and you can choose any style on not only classics, but also pop, rock, country, Czech national, and the like. Take a beautiful experience including a gift certificate from us, for tourists, for regular clients for 100 lessons.

Our channel on YouTube: Soukromá hudební škola Jitky Šťastné

We take orders hours of music on the phone: +420 774 303 750

Our classroom: Šárka business park 591/4, Prague 6, 160 00

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Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00 am-6:00 pm